Individual Counseling

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Rich Schmitt Photography 107Although college is an exciting time, there can still be personal stress that affects a student’s wellness or academic goals. Many students report that counseling is helpful to them because they can:

  • Talk privately in a safe environment about personal concerns.
  • Experience the attention and support of a professional counselor who is entirely focused on their concerns.
  • Identify and express their feelings about past experiences.
  • Explore ways to manage stress, anxiety, sadness or frustration.
  • Learn ways to help themselves feel better now and in the future.
  • Make changes in your life to reach your personal and academic goals.

It is typical to feel a bit nervous if you have never been to individual counseling. It is difficult to know what to expect. However, most students are surprised at how “normal” the experience is compared to what is shown on television or in the movies.

Student Counseling Services utilizes a short-term model to help students cope with the challenges of college life such as adjustment difficulties, academic related stress and relationship problems, etc. When students need ongoing assistance, the counselor will work with them to find conveniently located therapists in the community. We ask students to begin by calling for an Initial Consult. This helps us to quickly determine if the student will be referred to a same day crisis appointment, short term or open ended counseling, or if a group would be a good option to consider.


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