Referral Information

Counseling Services offers assistance with referral to off-campus mental health professionals when you need, or prefer, long-term or specialty care. Please contact our office at (213) 740-7711 and request an appointment with the referral coordinator who will assess your needs and provide appropriate referrals. If you have the USC Student Health Insurance Plan, you will also receive information about your mental health coverage and obtain the necessary insurance authorization for off-campus mental health services.


In addition to speaking with our staff for support about a referral, we offer a search tool to assist you in selecting the best provider given your needs and preferences. Please visit this provider directory at:

Renewing Your Insurance Referrals

For students who have the USC Student Health Insurance Plan, you are required to renew your insurance authorization every new academic year when continuing care with an off-campus provider. To submit this request, please complete this Renewal Form.