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USC Student Health Insurance Waiver Process

What is a waiver?

A waiver is a request to opt-out of the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. If you are covered by a comprehensive insurance plan meeting the University’s requirements (detailed below), you may submit a waiver request through our online process. All waiver requests are manually reviewed by our health insurance department and a decision will be made within 30 days of receipt and sent to you at your USC email address. 

What is the waiver criteria?

If you are automatically enrolled in the USC Student Health Insurance Plan and want to opt out, you may submit an online waiver request if your comprehensive health insurance plan meets the University’s requirements listed below.


As some insurance plans may not provide coverage in the Los Angeles area, check first with your current carrier if planning to submit a waiver request.

In order to waive the USC Student Health Insurance Plan, your insurance plan must:

  • Provide continuous coverage for the entire academic year (Fall 2014—August 18, 2014 through January 11, 2015 and Spring/Summer 2015—January 12, 2015 through August 16, 2015.)
  • Provide at least $500,000 lifetime aggregate coverage (no per incident maximums).
  • Cover preventive care services at 100%.
  • No major exclusions, must include pharmacy coverage; mental health coverage including in/out patient substance abuse treatment, behavioral health and behavioral disorders; and reproductive health.
  • Have an annual combined deductible and out-of-pocket expense of $10,000 or less.
  • Provide a minimum of 70% coverage paid by the insurance plan to providers in the Los Angeles area. Emergency/urgent care only is not accepted for waiver.

Upon request, you must be able to provide a copy of:

  • Verifiable proof of coverage with student’s name (ID card, insurance policy or letter from insurance carrier.)
  • Plan document(s) in English, with currency amounts converted to U.S. dollars, and an insurance company contact phone # in the U.S. is mandatory.

How often do I need to request a waiver?

You must request a waiver once a year in the fall semester.  Waivers submitted in the fall are good for the entire academic year.

If you missed the fall deadline, or if you are a new, incoming student, you may request a waiver for spring/summer beginning in early December. Waivers submitted in the spring are only good for the spring/summer term. Don’t forget to submit a new waiver request in the fall.

What are the waiver request deadlines?

Students should submit a waiver request by the following dates:

  • Spring 2014: The deadline to submit a waiver for the Spring semester has passed.
  • Fall 2014: September 12, 2014
  • Spring 2015: January 30, 2015

How do I request a waiver?

Step 1: Register for classes.

You must be actively registered for classes for the 2014-2015 school year before starting the online enrollment/request for waiver process. If you are not registered for classes, you will not be able to request a waiver using the online system.

Step 2: Wait 5 to 7 business days after registering for classes.

Once you register for your classes, please wait 5 to 7 business days before attempting to go online and request a waiver.

Step 3: Read over Waiver Criteria above to make sure this is the right option for you.

Step 4: Print and Complete the Waiver Worksheet

We want you to use the following worksheet as a reference tool before you begin your online request to ensure you have all the information required for a correct waiver request. (You may need to contact your current insurance company to obtain some of the information on the worksheet).

The Waiver Worksheet

Step 5: Complete your online request for a waiver

All requests for a waiver must be completed online by the student. Make sure you have all of the required information before beginning – you are not able to log out and come back to the request at a later time.

  • Have a copy of your health insurance ID card and the completed Waiver Worksheet prior to beginning the waiver request.
  • Login to your myUSC Account.
  • Click on the Oasis icon (Student login only as guest login cannot access this process.)
  • Click on Other Services.
  • Click on Student Health Insurance – this brings you to the Aetna Student Health online waiver request system.
  • Complete the waiver request before the deadline.

We may contact you at any time to request adequate proof of coverage. If your other health insurance coverage ends—even in the middle of the semester—you may be eligible to purchase coverage through the USC Student Health Insurance Plan. Contact the Health Insurance department on your campus within 30 days of losing your coverage to find out if you are eligible to enroll.

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to USC in the Spring and would like to request a waiver for the remainder of the school year may do so online beginning December 1, 2014. Deadline to request a Spring/Summer insurance waiver was January 30, 2015.

More Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call the Student Insurance Office at (213) 740-0551.