Immunization Requirements and Recommendations

Update: Flu shots are available to students at the health center, only while supplies last. Students may walk in to the Immunization Clinic on the 1st floor for their flu shot.

Why Do I Need To Get Immunized?

A healthy campus begins with you. The health of the individual can affect the health of the campus community. The Immunization Clinic is a walk-in clinic that administers vaccinations as a simple, safe, and effective way to prevent many diseases from spreading. To protect you and the campus community, state law dictates that all new students provide proof of compliance with required immunizations and screenings. The deadline to submit compliance is the add/drop date of your first semester at USC. Please note, that some immunizations require an order from a medical services provider. If so, schedule an appointment with a clinician or travel consultant to obtain the order prior to receiving the immunization.

Required Immunizations

Please read about the New Student Health Requirements.

Recommended Immunizations (not required)

Engemann Student Health Center strongly recommends that all incoming freshmen at USC receive the following vaccinations prior to their arrival on campus, or as soon as possible after arriving.

Other Available Immunizations and Injections

For a complete list of available immunizations and related fees, visit the Price List.