The Engemann Student Health Center Radiology Department is one of a few college health centers to provide digital radiography. Sharing a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), with the Health Consultation Center 2 (HCC2) on our Health Sciences Campus, diagnostic images are collected, stored, managed and accessed through the use of computers and communication networks.

Digital radiography consistently provides excellent image quality in a shorter period of time. X-ray dosage is minimized and patient waiting time is shorter.

Appointments are not necessary for an x-ray, however, a physician’s order is required. Physician orders may be hand-delivered or faxed to the Radiology Department. All orders must include the patient’s name, date, x-ray specifications, pertinent history regarding the illness or injury and the physician’s signature. Patients who are having orders faxed to this department should call ahead to verify receipt.

Please note: CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, bone scans or mammograms are not performed in this facility. Appropriate referrals may be made to outside facilities for these services.