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Student Health Center Fee and Price List

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Services at the Engemann Student Health Center are available to students who have paid the current semester Student Health Center Fee. For the Fall and Spring Semesters, the Student Health Center Fee is automatically added to your student account with the University if you are:

  • A domestic student taking 6 units or more.
  • All international students or Health Science Campus students.

Note: All Ph.D. candidates and students taking less units, may use services by paying the health fee.

For the Summer, all registered students are charged the health center fee, according to the number of weeks in their session. This applies to students in summer, regardless of the number of units they are registered in.

Cost Per Semester

  • Fall 2014: $272.50
  • Spring 2015: $272.50
  • Summer 2015:$228 ($19 a week, maximum 12 weeks)

Services Covered by the Student Health Center Fee

The student health fee does not cover services provided outside the student health center particularly in an emergency situation where hospitalization is required. For this reason, USC requires all students to have a comprehensive health insurance plan. Please note that the student health fee is in no way related to or a replacement for health insurance. Insurance is an entirely separate cost.

Nominal Fees and Co-Pays

While the Student Health Fee covers most services, there are nominal co-payments and fees for some services that include:

  • Laboratory tests sent to outside laboratories
  • Allergy testing
  • Immunizations
  • Copies of Medical Records
  • Orthopedic appliances (crutches, canes, etc.)
  • Copies of x-rays

Price List

For a full list of services that may incur an extra fee, that the student health fee may not cover, please see our Price List.