About Student Counseling Services

About Us

The Student Counseling Services (SCS) is part of the Engemann Student Health Center on the University Park Campus.

USC Student Counseling Services is staffed by twelve psychologists, two psychiatrists, four social workers, two marriage and family therapists, and three administrative staff. We have a large training program that includes: four pre-doctoral interns, one sports psychology post-doctoral fellow, four practicum counselors, two social work interns and one MFT intern.

We provide mental health treatment for students, including short-term psychotherapy, couples counseling, group counseling and crisis intervention. We also provide extensive outreach to students. As related to student needs, we provide mental health consultation to faculty and staff. Our staff assists students with not only the normative developmental issues that one might anticipate in a college counseling setting (e.g., intimate relationships, individuation, cultural adjustment and identity development), but also with more serious or longstanding struggles (e.g., major depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and psychosis). Our clients are diverse in terms of their sexual orientations, ethnicities, ages, gender identity, religions, socio-economic statuses, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

About USC

USC is a private university, established in 1880. It is a world-class research university and the oldest private research university in the West. It is known for its nationally renowned competitive sports teams. The diverse student population is made-up of approximately 40,000 students: 18,000 undergraduates and 22,000 graduate and professional students. Fourteen percent of the incoming first year students are classified as first-generation college students. USC attracts students from all over the United States and the world.


The University of Southern California is located in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in the world. The campus is positioned near both beaches and mountains; The University Park Campus is tree-lined campus and graced with an abundance of beautiful fountains. It is situated across the street from a complex of museums on one side and the Shrine Auditorium (home to the Emmys, Grammys, etc.) on the other side.

The University is in close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, a hub of entertainment, offering theater, opera, classical concert halls as well the Los Angeles Philharmonic, a major sports arena, museums, and historical landmarks. Additionally, the greater Los Angeles area offers many activities including arts and entertainment, movie screenings, chance encounters with movie stars, parades, fairs, theme parks, all sorts of sporting events (professional and college), and a vast array of restaurants and cuisines. The moderate climate allows for year- round outdoor activities.

Relocation to Los Angeles

Interns have lived in many of the neighborhoods found in the metropolitan area. Below are links that may help you get a sense of what it may be like to relocate to LA.