Training and Supervision


Supervision matches are yearlong, and are made with input from interns. Each intern receives two hours of weekly supervision with a primary supervisor, a licensed psychologist, and with a delegated supervisor. According to the California Board of Psychology, delegated supervisors may include licensed mental health providers, such as psychiatrists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists. As an interdisciplinary staff, we value the benefit of interns being trained by licensed as delegated supervisors.

Important Reminder: Our internship requirement complies with standards for the state of California. Some states may require supervision to be provided licensed psychologists only, while other states consider APA accredited sites exempt from this requirement. It is suggested that applicants research state requirements via the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. Please feel free to share any concerns you have with the TD about your training requests.

Intern Seminar Series

These weekly two hour seminars provide interactive training on treating clients with specific problems or disorders (e.g. disordered eating, social anxiety, depression), therapy skills and techniques (case conceptualization, mindfulness and affect regulation, therapeutic communications) applied theories (e.g. CBT, ACT, DBT, Interpersonal), and ethical and professional issues (i.e. therapist/client attractions, job search).

Group Training

Interns co-facilitate process, skills-based, or support groups with senior staff members. Afterwards, they debrief and plan with their co-facilitator. Some groups also have a process observer who provides the group a summary of the group process and participates in group supervision as well.

Live Group Training

Using a treatment team approach, two interns facilitate a group, while the other two interns along with the group supervisor observe. “Real time” feedback is provided to the leaders by the observers who phone in their observations and suggestions. After sessions are finished, all team members convene to discuss group dynamics and plan future strategies. All interns have an opportunity to both observe and co-lead a Live Group. The intention is to provide a supportive, lively learning environment.

Supervision of Supervision

Interns meet weekly as a team to discuss the supervision they are providing to the practicum counselors. Models of supervision, multicultural supervision, and ethics are part of the team discussions. Supervision will address identifying the developmental needs of the supervisee, fostering the supervisory relationship, providing feedback, and monitoring client welfare. Interns will also meet regularly with their senior staff co-supervisor.

Diversity Colloquia/Dialogues

Diversity Colloquia provide didactic coverage of salient facets of working with specific populations such as, but not limited to, ethnic/racial minorities, LGBTQ or differently-abled students. Once broad cultural groups have been covered in our Diversity Colloquia, this meeting converts into weekly, one-hour Diversity Dialogues which include experiential exercises, guided discussions, culture-sharing, self-reflection and exploration, and case discussions.

Video Case Conference

Interns attend a weekly one hour video case conference meeting, during which each will present video excerpts of her or his work with individuals and couples. Interns help their peers explore case conceptualization, transference and counter-transference, treatment options, and clinical challenges.

August Orientation

The month of August is dedicated to orientation, clinical training, team building and facilitating the interns’ transition to USC and the Los Angeles area. Typical orientation activities include an all staff retreat; orientation to SCS clinical operations and procedures; diversity training; an introduction to therapeutic issues relevant to college mental health; introduction to outreach and consultation; visits to key campus departments; and the establishment of campus liaison projects.


Interns are formally evaluated and given feedback twice a year regarding their overall performance and their progress as clinicians. Likewise, twice a year interns formally evaluate their supervisors and they provide feedback about the training program. In addition, informal quarterly meetings with the intern are held to assess progress and for interns to share their satisfaction with their learning goals.


Administrative Time

Time reserved for clinical paperwork, phone calls, tape review and administrative tasks.

All Staff Meeting

This weekly meeting is attended by the senior staff and the trainees from all of our training programs. Since the primary purpose of these meetings is to address the administrative business of Student Counseling Services, interns learn about the internal workings and systems issues of a university counseling center.

Case Assignments

Interns do a rotation in which they assist the Center Director in making case disposition assignments of clients on our waitlist. They help determine the level of staff (practicum, intern, senior staff, etc.) suitable for treating a particular case. This activity is under review, as case assignment procedures may change.

Center Committee(s)

Interns have the opportunity to join an on-going or ad hoc administrative committee such as: Intern Selection, Practicum Selection or campus committees, such as the Eating Disorders Treatment Team. Interns will also be asked to contribute to the Fall orientation planning committee for the next cohort.

Continuing Education

There are occasional speakers or training that may occur in addition to the above activities.

Intern Business Meeting

Interns meet weekly with the Director of Training to discuss office protocol, procedural questions, professional issues, and the myriad of internship-related issues or questions that arise.

Intern Process Meeting

Many intern cohorts opt to meet for weekly peer supervision and support.

Intern Selection Committee

Interns serve on intern selection committee, with the option of later participating with the Practicum selection process. This entails providing feedback on applications, participating in interviews and assisting with the Open Houses.

Staff Meeting Facilitation

Interns have the opportunity to facilitate one of our All Staff Meetings. Interns prepare for their facilitation under the guidance of the Center Director.