Wellness Policies at USC

JDZ_USC_1_117AlcoholEdu® for College

AlcoholEdu® for College is an online science-based alcohol abuse prevention program that provides a tailored educational experience focusing on the impact of alcohol on the mind and body. Every incoming undergraduate student is required to take AlcoholEdu® for College and pass the course’s final exam. In this way, every student coming into the USC community has an appropriate and accurate understanding of alcohol and alcohol abuse.

Approximately 45% of incoming USC freshmen have consumed alcohol in the 6 months prior to coming to college. This number may seem different that what you had expected. Whether or not you decide as a student to drink while you are at USC, AlcoholEdu® for College will assist you in making a well-informed decision as well as assist in coping with the potential drinking behavior of your peers.

Directions for completing AlcoholEdu® for College


GreekLifeEdu™ is an online selective prevention tool, using the latest science-based research to reduce risk and enhance health among USC’s fraternities and sororities around alcohol consumption, hazing and sexual violence. The course empowers students to make well-informed decisions, helps them better cope with the behavior of their peers, and creates a level of expectancy.

University of Southern California requires all new members joining a greek organization to complete GreekLifeEdu™. In collaboration with the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development, the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion will implement the course at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters to new members registered with a fraternity or sorority organization in the six councils:

  • Asian Greek Council (AGC)
  • Interfraternity Council (IFC)
  • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  • Panhellenic Council (PHC)
  • Professional Greek Council (PFC)

Directions for completing GreekLifeEdu

Bicycle Safety

OWHP collaborates with other departments focusing on issues that affect the safety of the campus community. A new issue we are exploring is safe bicycle use on campus.

SCampus Bicycle Policy

USC Governance