Transit – Financial Wellness


Navigating the college experience is just as much about managing finances as it is about managing academics and extracurricular activities. Being able to intelligently discern information about student loans, credit cards, and leases is a critically important skill; thus, the USC Office for Wellness and Health Promotion has partnered with the USC Credit Union to provide an online platform for students to increase their knowledge and skills around financial wellness. This six-part interactive series will provide each student with a Personalized Action Plan so that they can execute financial decisions with finesse. This easy-to-access content is created and evaluated by Everfi, and sponsored by the USC Credit Union.


All undergraduate and graduate students, including online students, are encouraged to complete the course.


This online course will be available throughout the semester, but we encourage students to take it before the first day of their first semester at USC.


To access Transit, click on the button on the right, which will take you through the USC NetID sign on process. For any questions, please contact


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