Patient Rights and Responsibilities


• Right: To receive, to the degree known, information concerning your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prognosis of an illness or health-related condition. If it is not medically advisable to give you that information, your designated representative or a legally authorized person can be provided that information.

• Responsibility: To provide to the best of your knowledge, complete and accurate information about your health history, medications (including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements), allergies or sensitivities.

• Right: To participate in decisions involving your health care, except when such participation is contraindicated for medical reasons. This includes the right to refuse treatment and be informed of alternatives.

• Responsibility: To follow the treatment plan prescribed by your provider and participate in your care; including understanding the medical consequences of not complying with the treatment plan or discontinuation of care.

• Responsibility: To express that you understand informed consent prior to the start of any procedure test or treatment plan. If information is not understood, to ask questions for clarification.


• Right: To request or change your healthcare provider, if qualified providers are available.

• Right: To refuse participation in research without detriment to care.

• Right: To be seen in a timely manner for your health concerns.

• Responsibility: To arrive as scheduled for appointments and to cancel or change your appointment in a timely manner to allow others in need to have access to a healthcare provider.


• Right: To be treated with consideration, and respect for your dignity and individuality.

• Responsibility: To show respect and consideration for the rights of other patients and staff.

• Right: To request the use of interpreter services.


• Right: To appropriate privacy and confidentiality concerning your healthcare treatment and record. Information in your records will not be released to anyone outside Engemann Student Health Center without your approval, unless it is required by law.


• Right: To review your patient record.

• Right: To obtain a copy of your patient record.

• Right: Request an addendum to your record if you believe information is incomplete.

• Responsibility: Patient record access requires written request and understanding that regulatory restrictions and requirements may apply.


• Right: To receive an explanation of any service charge incurred.

• Responsibility: Accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by your insurance. Ask for a service cost estimate prior to treatment or care; as well as, understand services available, eligibility policies and associated service fees especially charges not covered by the student health fee or insurance.


• Right: To provide comments and/or concerns about your healthcare experience without fearing retribution. Comments/concerns can be made through our website portal, comment card found at all the front desks or in person with the Quality & Safety Director.

• Responsibility: To help Engemann Student Health Center improve its service and environment by providing feedback about service needs, expectations and perceptions of care.

If you have any questions about these rights and responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


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