New Student Health Requirements: Immunizations and Screenings

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The deadline to complete this health requirement for Spring 2018 is January 26, 2018. Please call (213) 740-9355 if you have questions regarding immunizations.

If the health requirement deadline isn’t met, you will have a registration hold placed on your student account that will prevent you from registering for the next semester of classes. Please ensure you complete this in a timely manner.

For All Students

Measles and Mumps Immunity Requirements

USC requires that all students submit proof of receiving two doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccine, or show proof of Measles and Mumps immunity, prior to their first semester of enrollment at USC. Please submit one of the following as proof:

  1. Documentation (month, day and year) of receiving TWO doses of the MMR vaccine (or TWO doses of Measles vaccine and TWO doses of Mumps vaccine.)
  2. Documentation of a positive Rubeola titer and Mumps titer (laboratory blood test.)

Please note:

  • All documentation must include an official signature or stamp from your physician or clinic.
  • The first dose of Measles, Mumps or MMR vaccines must be given at 12 months of age or later. A patient must wait at least 4 weeks, following the first dose, to receive the second dose.
  • Students born prior to January 1, 1957 are considered to be immune and will automatically be listed as exempt from the measles and mumps immunity requirement.

How To Submit Documentation

Please e-mail documented proof of Measles-Mumps Immunity and TB Screenings to the Immunization/Screening Compliance Office:


If you need to fax your documented proof instead, please fax to: (213) 821-2740.

(All documents must include the student’s full name and 10-digit ID number.)

For International Students Only

Tuberculosis Screening Requirement

All International Students are required to be screened for tuberculosis in the United States or Canada within 6 months of their first semester at USC. A photocopy of the following will serve as proof of screening:

  • Laboratory report of a negative Quantiferon blood test or T-Spot blood test. Only laboratory test results will be accepted, no handwritten results.

Please note:
A history of BCG immunization does NOT fulfill this requirement.

Recommended Vaccinations For All Students

The Engemann Student Health Center strongly recommends that all incoming, new USC students receive the following vaccinations prior to their arrival on campus, or as soon as possible after arriving:

See new student requirement information regarding the Meningitis Questionnaire.




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