The Engemann Student Health Center Radiology provides digital radiography services to USC students, faculty and staff on the University Park campus. Sharing a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), with the Keck Medical Center Radiology, on our Health Sciences Campus, diagnostic images are collected, stored, managed and accessed through the use of computers and communication networks.

Digital radiography consistently provides excellent image quality in a shorter period of time. X-ray dosage is minimized and patient waiting time is shorter.

Appointments are not necessary for an x-ray, however, a physician’s order is required. Physician orders may be hand-delivered or faxed to the Radiology Department. All orders must include the patient’s name, date, x-ray specifications, pertinent history regarding the illness or injury and the physician’s signature. Patients who are having orders faxed to this department should call ahead to verify receipt.

Some Radiology services are covered by the Student Health Fee, however, an extra fee may be required for other services. Please visit the Price List for a complete fee schedule.

Please note: CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, bone scans or mammograms are not performed in this facility. Appropriate referrals may be made to outside facilities for these services.


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