What We Know About You

Rich Schmitt Photography 046Every year, the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion (OWHP) collects population level health behavior data using the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment.

This data helps OWHP obtain important health information that assists its staff and wellness advocates in making the USC University Park Campus a healthier place.


Assessments and Reports

Healthy Campus

Health issue priorities for the USC community.


Assessment of USC students health related attitudes and behaviors.

AlcoholEdu® for College

Executive summaries of the AlcoholEdu® for College survey data.

USC Healthy Minds Study

Web-based survey study examining mental health status and support service utilization within the USC undergraduate and graduate student populations.

Spotlight Briefs

A collection of report summaries relating to various “spotlight” topics.

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety Report from the 2012 ACHA-NCHA.
Bicycle Safety Report

Emerging Young Adults

The New Adolescents: An Analysis of Health Conditions, Behaviors, Risks, and Access to Services Among Emerging Young Adults.


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